Shake that Weight Off 6 Week's to a happier, healthier You by Cindi Young

Shake that Weight Off 6 Week's to a happier, healthier You

Are you ready to lose weight?
Not sure where to start? Confused about which diet is right for you?
Is it keto?
Is it low carb?

Let's get started today with your personalised weight loss program with Cindi.  Cindi will choose the right plan for you based on your health and lifestyle.

BONUS - includes metascan testing, save $200

Available  in-clinic or via telehealth. 

Are you ready to make BIG lifestyle changes with Keto? Sick of feeling sluggish?

Are you ready to make some changes to how you feel?
Lose excess weight, boost your energy and fit into your clothes better?

Need some help and support to achieve your weight loss goals?

This year has been one in a million.  Our lives have been flipped upside down in 2020. 

Is it any surprise that you have gained weight? 
Many people have struggled maintaining healthy routines. Do you find yourself a few kilos heavier than you would like?  Imagine feeling good again!

Get the right advice for you with a personalised program with Cindi.

Cindi will make your journey easy. With over 20 years experience researching and using the a variety of eating methods with hundreds of people, Cindi will make weight loss easy for you with a 5 Step Success Plan.

What is Included?

This is a personalised naturopathic and weight loss program with a difference! 

6  Naturopathic Coaching Sessions with Cindi 
  1. Weekly weigh in & measure, metascan testing
  2. Meal Plans
  3. Weight loss Tips and Tricks
  4. Weekly email newsletter
  5. Private Facebook Group
  6. Accountability & Support every step of the way.
  7. Learn how to lose weight & keep it off for life.


What is not included?

  • At your first session, Cindi may recommend blood tests, these are additional to your program.
    Products & Supplements are not included in your program. 
  • These are additional after your sessions.

Is my program refundable?

No, once you commence your program, you are in!  We will support you every step of the way.